5 Alternatives for RTIC coolers that will save you money

Last Updated : Oct 2020

There’s no doubt about it – RTIC coolers are certainly some of the best coolers on the market. But they also come with a matching price tag.

For a lot of people, spending several hundred dollars on a cooler is really hard to justify. to make matters worse, the RTIC coolers only have a 30-day warranty.

The good news is that there are several coolers like RTIC that are quite a lot cheaper. They may not have all the bells and whistles, but they certainly perform as well – if not better – than the expensive RTIC models.

Best Coolers like RTIC – but cheaper

All of these coolers have similar performance and cooling abilities as the RTIC cooler. However, they’re all cheaper than the equivalent RTIC cooler.

Brand Capacity Current Price  
Coleman Xtreme 70qt $64.99 View on Amazon
Canyon 22qt $99.99 View on Amazon
K2 20qt $349.80 View on Amazon
Engel 35qt $199.99 View on Amazon
ORCA 20qt $292.04 View on Amazon

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews; you can also click the links above to check prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


1) Coleman Xtreme Cooler Reviews – Best Budget Cooler

The Coleman is the cheapest of our options and is capable of holding ice for two to three days. While it won’t set any world records, it’s probably a good option for trips to the lake or beach and overnight camping.

With a capacity of 70 quarts, it can hold about 100 cans (four cases of soda) or 30 to 50 bottles of water. The cooler is large enough to hold 2-liter bottles standing upright.

The environmentally friendly case contains no CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs and has an extremely solid lid that can be used as a seat which can support up to 250lbs (113kg). The hinged lid has four molded cup holders.

The cooler doesn’t have any wheels. This can be a problem as it takes two people to move it when the chest is full of drinks and ice. However, the cooler has sturdy handles that make it easy to carry.

Our Verdict

A good high capacity cooler than can keep contents cool for two to three days.

2) Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series 22qt Reviews

This is a great all purpose cooler that can be used for hunting, fishing, tail gating and camping. The straps are comfortable and allow you to lift the cooler by yourself.

From a performance point of view, the cooler is capable of keeping ice for 2 or 3 days and is an ideal choice for multi-day trips.

The 22-quart cooler is built to be super tough and bear-resistant. Having passed the IGBC Bear Resistant Certification, it is not guaranteed to keep grizzly bears out – but it will certainly do a better job than many other models.

One of the things we really like about the Canyon Cooler range is that the cooler is highly streamlined. The latches and hinges are recessed within the body of the cooler. This means you can easily slide the cooler into tight spaces without worrying about hinges or latches catching on nearby items. Once the cooler is packed up, the cooler is a clean streamlined solid box.

Unlike other coolers, the latches are made of a hard rubber and can be easily replaced. The lid also has a gasket that ensures an airtight seal inside the cooler.

While the RTCI coolers only come with a 30-day warranty, the Canyon Cooler comes with a lifetime warranty. Note: This was recently changed from a 4 year warranty period, so some of the old stock has a 4-year label stuck on the cooler body.

Our Verdict

A good option if you are looking for a grizzly bear resistant cooler. Some reviews on Amazon indicate the ability to hold ice for 3 days may be the exception – rather than the rule. For the best performance, we suggest you pre-cool the cooler before loading it with ice for your trip.

3) K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler Reviews

The K2 20-quart Summit cooler is manufactured using a one-piece molded process and is injected with 2 inches of insulation during the manufacturing process. This one-piece design makes it highly durable and tough. The lid has a gasket that makes the cooler airtight and keeps the cold in. The padded shoulder straps also make it easy to carry.

From a performance point of view, the cooler can keep ice for several days. While a 2-liter bottle needs to be laid on its side, you can easily stand a gallon of milk upright. The cooler will hold a dozen beer bottles or 14 x 12-ounce cans with room for ice.

Unlike the RTIC coolers, the K2 Cooler Summit range come with a seven-year warranty.

Our Verdict

This is a great cooler. It’s a good size for short trips and keeps things cold for several days.

4) Engel Cooler ENG35 Reviews

Engel coolers are manufactured as a seamless, single piece cooler with a lid that’s sealed with an airtight gasket. When the cooler is manufactured, it is also filled with two inches of insulation around the entire cooler.

The 35-quart cooler can hold 24 cans and can also hold beer bottles standing upright.

Depending on the outside temperature, Engel coolers can hold ice for 6 or 7 days. In the 5-day ice challenge, the Engel 50 held ice for 7 days and we would expect similar performance for the 35-quart model.

As the cooler of choice for EMS (Emergency Medical Services) personnel, they are well respected in the medical arena.

The cooler is certified for grizzly bear resistance and is listed in the ICBC approved list of coolers.

The warranty period is 3 years – not as long as some of the other options, but definitely better than the RTIC 30 day warranty.

Our Verdict

This is a good ICBC listed grizzly resistant cooler thats also been selected as the cooler of choice for EMS and fire personnel.

5) ORCA 20 quart Reviews

This is the only cooler in our list that is 100% made in America. Located in Tennessee, the name ORCA stands for Outdoor Recreation Company of America and proudly displays the US flag on the body of the cooler.

With a capacity of 24 cans, the cooler also includes a cargo net that allows you to store food etc above the waterline of melted ice.

When it comes to the 5-day ice challenge, the ORCA 20 was able to hold ice for just over 6 full days when it was left in direct sunlight (at about 110 degrees during the day)

While the cooler is not listed as an ICBC resistant cooler, holes are provided on the body to allow a lock to be used to make the container grizzly resistant.

ORCA offers a lifetime warranty on their coolers. This includes the latches that are made of strong rubber. Long-term users have reported that the rubber latches stand up well to abuse and show no sign of failing after several years.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for an American made cooler, this is your option of choice. With the added cargo net and the ability to hold food above the melted water line is a nice inclusion.

Final Thoughts

All of the coolers shown on our list are able to hold ice for 3 to 7 days.

If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to the RTIC or YETI coolers, you can’t look past the Coleman Xtreme. With savings of more than $150 over the equivalent RTIC size, the fact it can’t hold ice as long as the others may not be important to you.

If you want an American made cooler, the ORCA is well made and can hold ice for almost a week. When you take into account the lifetime warranty and local manufacturing, paying a little bit extra means you should never need to replace it.

If you need an ICBC resistant cooler, the Canyon cooler is Grizzly resistant and has a streamlined box design that ensures it doesn’t catch on other items when you are packing into the car, boat or RV.

It doesn’t matter which option you choose in the end. They all have similar performance to the RTIC range, and often at a much lower price.


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