Which Shark Mini Motorized Brush do I need?

If you have pets in your house and already own a Shark Vacuum cleaner, you don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve tried the Shark mini motorized brush (also known as the Shark TruePet)

While Shark sell several models with the attachment included in the box, the good news is that you can still add it as an accessory to a large number of other models

Unlike other pet brushes, the TruePet has a small motor built into the cleaning head to power the brushes. Other vacuum cleaners that use suction to rotate the brushes fail miserably when they are pressed against upholstery or other rough surfaces. They simply don’t have enough suction to keep the brushes turning against the friction from the fabric.

This video produced by Shark shows the Shark TruePet motorized brush being used with the Rotator Lift-Away model

The attachment can only be used on models that have power available at the end of the nozzle or cleaning wand. Most of the latest Shark models come with DuoClean – and the same electrical connections can be used for the TruePet cleaning head. Many of the models within their range also have different diameter hoses or wands and require attachments that are made to match their specific size.

Unfortunately, Shark has produced several versions of the TruePet motorized attachment (10 at the time of writing), and each version is designed to fit on a specific range of their vacuum cleaners.

Shark TruePet Replacement Parts

Refer to the table below to locate the appropriate version

Shark Part Number Fits Models Link
267FFJ292 HV292
225FFJV300 HV300, HV300W, HV301, HV302, HV303, HV305 and NR86 View on Amazon
168FLV3223 HV320, HV320W, HV321, HV322, HV323, HV324Q, HV325, HV319Q, UV422 and UV450 View on Amazon
XMMB380 HV380, HV380W, HV381, HV382 and HV384Q
238FLIH390 HV392
160FLI650 NV650, NV650W, NV651, NV651Q, NV652, NV750W, NV751, NV752, NV753, NV755, NV765 and UV795 View on Amazon
188FLI680 NV680 range View on Amazon
XMBRUSH800 NV800, NV800W, NV801, NV801Q, NV803 and UV810
235FLIH100 IF200, IF200C, IF200W, IF201, IF202, IF203Q, IF205, IF251, IF252, IR100, IR101 and IR70
241FLIN850 AX912, AX950, AX951 and AX952


TruePet Troubleshooting

If the mini motorized brush stops working, there are a few things you can try to get it working again.

Before doing anything else, try pressing the reset button located on the top of the floor brush. If this doesn’t fix the issue, make sure the brush head is properly attached to the main vacuum cleaner. The power is supplied to the mini motor through a set of electrical connections located on the main wand.

Once you have checked the electrical connection, make sure the internal belt hasn’t come off, stretched or broken. You will have to take the brush out to check inside. The brush can be removed by pressing down on a depression in the colored part of the brush, near the end where it plugs into the wand.

If the belt is damaged, you don’t need to replace the entire unit as the belt can be purchased as a spare part directly from sharkclean.com

How to clean the Shark TruePet motorized brush

Use a damp cloth on the outside and the brush. As mentioned above, the brush can be removed by pressing down on a depression in the colored part of the brush, near the end where it plugs into the wand.

DO NOT submerge the TruePet in water. It contains electrical components that will short circuit if they get wet.

The mini motorized brush should only be used to vacuum dry materials. It shouldn’t be used on wet or sticky substances.

What is the Shark Pet Multi-Tool?

The Pet Multi-Tool doesn’t have a motor or any rotating brushes.

If you have the mini motorized brush, you almost certainly won’t want the Pet Multi-Tool.

Essentially the pet multi-tool is a brush that serves two functions. When it is fully assembled, the stiff bristles remove any stuck-on debris. The bristles can be removed to reveal an upholstery tool for cleaning stubborn pet hair.

There are no moving parts in the brush head – so the ability to remove pet hair is entirely based on the friction from rubbing the brush against the surface.

Once again, there are different part numbers for each range of Shark vacuums, so make sure you pay attention when ordering this online.

What is the Pet Turbo Brush

The Pet Turbo Brush is sometimes referred to as the Pet Power Brush. When you add the Pet Multi-Tool into the mix, it’s no wonder there’s often confusion about which accessory to purchase, or which tool is included in the box.

Just like the mini motorized brush, the pet turbo brush has a rotating brush located within the tool head. However, unlike the TruePet, the turbo brush relies on suction power to make the brush turn. If your suction is reduced or there is too much friction on the brush surfaces, the brush slows down its rotation until it eventually stops. While it was a good idea in principle, the motorized brush in the newer models is significantly better.


If your vacuum cleaner supports the TruePet mini motorized brush, it’s definitely the way to go. All of the other tools pale in comparison.

Its worth knowing that the TruePet can be added as an accessory to many of the other Shark cleaners.

Just make sure you pay special attention to ordering the part number that specifically matches your vacuum cleaner.