Shark NV801 vs NV803 (What’s the difference)

If you’re confused about the difference between the Shark NV801 and NV803 vacuum cleaners, you’re not alone. With so many model numbers, it’s often hard to tell the difference between the various Shark models.

In the case of the NV801 and NV803, they are both members of the “Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed” family of cleaners. This family of products also includes several other models that fit into the NV800 range.

Other model numbers include:

  • NV800
  • NV801
  • NV803
  • UV810
  • NV800W
  • NV801Q

All of these models have several things in common.

They all feature the DuoClean roller and the ability to separate the canister and the main body for cleaning areas that can’t normally be accessed with a standard upright vacuum cleaner. The ability to separate the body and canister makes the Power Lift-Away good for vacuuming around high areas, stairs, and upholstery.

What are the differences between the various models?

When you get down to it, the models are a lot more similar than you might first think.

When Shark first released the NV800 model, they not only promoted the vacuum cleaner through their TV Infomercials, but they also sold them through various retail chain stores.

To identify the different distributors, each chain store was assigned their own model number. Some of the stores were also assigned a unique color for the body of the cleaning unit.

While the model numbers and colors might be different, the internals of the various models are exactly the same. In fact, they all have the DuoClean brushes, LED lights and HEPA filter.

The model number and color used by the various stores are:

Model Color Sold by
NV800 Blue Walmart
NV800W Cinnamon Shark
Cinnamon Kohls, Best Buy
NV801Q Charcoal QVC
NV803 Cinnamon Amazon
UV810 Charcoal Costco


When you look at the chart above, both the Shark NV801 and NV803 are Cinnamon in color and have the same specifications. This makes them virtually indistiguisable from each other.

With the models being so similar, some of the retailers included extra accessories in the box. In the case of the Shark NV801 vs NV803, the Amazon model includes a motorized Pet Power Brush and Accessory bag.

The accessories included with each model are:

Accessory Models
Pet Multi-Tool NV800, NV800W, NV801, NV803, UV810, NV801Q
Duster Crevice Tool NV800, NV800W, NV801, NV803, UV810, NV801Q
Under Appliance Wand NV801, NV803, UV810, NV801Q
Pet Power Brush NV803, UV810, NV801Q
Flexi Crevice Tool UV810
Precision Duster UV810
Accessory Bag NV803, UV810


If you have pets, you’ll really appreciate the Pet Power Brush included with the NV803 model. It vacuums pet hair exceptionally well. It’s also outstanding at cleaning upholstery and pillow etc.


Video Review of the Shark NV801 and NV803

The following video is the original 22-minute infomercial from Shark:


In the end, the only difference between the various models is the color of the vacuum cleaner body and the accessories included in the box.

If you have pets, you can’t look past the mini motorized brush included with the NV803 model. The brush is also useful on upholstery, pillows etc.