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Last Updated : Dec 2021

With multiple models to select from in the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro range, knowing the difference between them can be quite difficult.

What exactly is the difference between the HV300, HV320, and HV321? How is the HV320W different to the HV320 model?

In this review, we are going to answer these questions – and look at the Shark Rocket Deluxe range in detail.

To finish things off, we’ll also look at the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro vs the Dyson range.

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro model comparison table


Old models are blue and green, current models are lavender and burgundy


Current Models

Model Description Color Notes
HV321 Deluxe Pro Lavender
Deluxe Pro Burgundy Burgundy version of HV321
HV322 TruePet Burgundy
HV323 TruePet Lavender Lavender version of HV322

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What to look for when buying a Vacuum

Suction and Surfaces

This is the whole reason you are considering getting a new vacuum cleaner.

You need a machine that can handle small and large particles and a machine that has the ability to vacuum both hard and soft surfaces. A good vacuum cleaner will also allow you to clean upholstery, curtains and the inside of your car or truck.


A basic machine will normally only come with a large and small vacuum head.

For total flexibility, a machine that comes with dedicated attachments for different situations will make your life a lot easier. If you’ve ever tried to vacuum between a car seat and the center console in a small family car, you’ll fully understand what I’m talking about.

Dust capacity

You need a machine that can hold a reasonable amount of dust and debris before it needs to be emptied. Being able to see when the canister or bag is full can be quite helpful.

Bag or Bagless

A bagless model will save you the cost of consumables and normally makes it easy to see when the unit is full. However, a vacuum that uses a bag means you don’t have to handle the dust and debris when it comes time to empty the machine.


The filtration efficiency of a vacuum cleaner will significantly affect the amount of airborne dust and allergens in the air.

You don’t want to be lifting the dust from the floor and putting it straight back into the air.

Ability to handle pet hair

Pet hair clings to everything it touches and can’t be easily lifted by suction alone. You need a vacuum cleaner that has brushes or rollers to dislodge the pet hairs from the surface of carpet and upholstery so the suction can carry it away.

Ease of changing filters

You don’t want a vacuum cleaner that requires a screwdriver or other tools to replace the filters. A design that allows a cover to be snapped into place means you can change a filter with ease. To avoid the cost of consumables, the filters should be washable and reusable.

Size and Maneuverability

A solid and upright unit is good if you are working on flat surfaces and don’t need to worry about stairs or small spaces. You need a vacuum head that can get around corners and into small spaces. Also, think about the weight of the unit if you need to work on upholstery or cleaning surfaces that are above head height.

Warranty and Servicing

Check out how the warranty is. A vacuum cleaner is subject to dirt and debris all the time. You need a unit with a good warranty and service network in case anything ever goes wrong.

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Review (Shark HV321)

The Shark Rocket Vacuum has come a long way since the original HV300 was first released in 2015.

With a longer power cord, enhanced suction, LED lights, on-board tool storage and larger capacity, the HV321 and HV322 have become one of the most popular vacuum cleaners on Amazon.

Two modes of cleaning

The real versatility of the Shark Vacuum is its ability to transform from a full-size vacuum cleaner into a handheld portable vac.

When the vacuum cleaner is fully assembled, it can be used to clean carpet, hard floors and ceiling areas.

Because the motor is near the handle, the unit can easily be held upside down to access areas that are above your head. By attaching the 18-inch extension, you can reach into high areas without needing to get a ladder or chair.

By removing the middle section the vacuum can also be used in the car, on bookcases, upholstery and for cleaning curtains or drapes.

Suction Power

The Shark Rocket is really good at sucking dirt and pet hair.

In independent testing performed by CNET, the Shark Rocket Vacuum picked up significantly more pet hair than the Dyson DC59 and the Electrolux Ergorapido. In fact, the testers were surprised that the Shark Rocket managed to pick up 100% of the pet hair from (notoriously difficult) hard floor surfaces, while the others could only manage between 25 and 67%.

The input power of 500 watts is what gives the Rocket its power. You simply can’t get this much power out of a battery operated vacuum cleaner.

Like most other manufacturers, picking up fine human hair is more difficult. The Shark does a good job – but expect to spend some time cleaning the brushes. If this is of concern to you, you probably won’t find a better lightweight vacuum cleaner for the job than the Shark, and your only real alternative would be the Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean. However, it is a large unit that doesn’t offer the same flexibility when it comes to small spaces and hardwood surfaces.


Shark uses a washable and removable filter.

The filters are not HEPA rated and the manufacturer recommends that the top filter is washed monthly, and the bottom filter is washed or replaced annually.

We really like the way the upper and lower filters can be changed by simply pushing a button on the vacuum cleaner head. It’s good you don’t need to dismantle the vacuum or have a set of tools handy. The whole process only takes a minute or two.

A small tip: Having a spare set of filters can be really helpful if the filters get dirty and need washing while you are cleaning. The foam doesn’t dry very fast and you’ll be pleased to have a dry set on hand.


A transparent cleaning cup clips directly onto the motor at the head of the cleaner.

At twice the capacity of the original HV300 model, the cleaning cup can hold about 0.22 gallons (0.92 quarts) of dust and debris. Because it’s made of a transparent plastic, you can easily see when the container is nearly full.

It most cases, you’ll be able to vacuum an entire 4 or 5 bedroom house without having to empty the container. However, if you’re doing a deep clean or have a lot of pet hair and debris, it’s not a problem as the cup can be removed from the vacuum and taken to a trash bin for disposal. (Here are the instructions from the HV320 manual)

  • The dust cup is removed from the vacuum by squeezing two buttons on both sides of the base
  • The button on the dust cup opens the unit and allows the debris to fall into your trash bin
  • The cup can be clicked back into the vacuum to continue working

    Unlike other vacuums, the cup is also designed so it doesn’t lose suction as the unit reaches capacity. The suction is constant throughout the entire cleaning cycle.

    LED lights

    Lights have become a standard feature on the entire range of Shark vacuums.

    When the HV310 was first produced, Shark added bright LED lamps on the front of the standard vacuum cleaner head and at the bottom of the portable handle (near the motor).

    The LED lights last a lifetime and never need replacing. The bright lights located in the standard vacuum head are great for seeing dirt under beds, chair etc. They are bright enough to light up the surroundings so you can see the dust and dirt from a standing position.

    When we removed the long shaft and switched to using portable accessories, we really appreciated having the additional light near the vacuum cleaner handle. We found the extra lighting especially helpful when we were cleaning in the badly lit footwell of the car.

    Swivel Head

    Cleaning around furniture and objects in your house can be quite a challenge with a fixed vacuum cleaner head. Unless you can physically move around the base of objects, the areas around furniture legs and in tight spaces and corners often get missed.

    Shark have overcome this by making their vacuum cleaner head swivel to get around corners and close to edges. With all the different accessories and hose fittings, the Shark can get into almost any space.

    Dual Speed Switch

    Bare floor, hardwood and rugs have a different speed setting to when you are cleaning household carpets.

    When the switch located on the handle is set on position 1, the roller will spin slowly to pick up dust and debris from hard floors or rugs. In position 2, the roller spins quite a lot faster to pick up dirt below the surface of your carpets.

    We tend to use the Dust-Away™ attachment on hard floors after we have done an initial vacuum. It is better at picking up fine dust particles on hard surfaces.


    At roughly 8lbs in weight (depending on the attached accessories), the Shark is lighter than most other vacuum cleaners.

    Because the motor is near the handle, the majority of the weight is normally around the height of your hips and supported by the long tube that connects the vacuum head with the handheld assembly.

    Working above your head is also fairly easy – with the main weight in the handle making it easy to control. The vacuum cleaner is light enough that you can easily lift it with a single hand or a couple of fingers.

    Because the unit is top heavy and the majority of the weight is in the handle, the only real complaint users have with the Shark Rocket is that it can’t stand up by itself.


    Because the vacuum cleaner is top heavy, there are few choices when it comes to storage.

    • Store it standing in a corner
    • Remove and re-attach the handle near the cleaning head
    • Use the wall mount included in the box

    The official Shark video show how the last two options work

    When you attach the handle near the cleaning head, the unit can stand upright by itself. Using the wall mount means you don’t have to keep removing the motor head. The convenience of the hook means the vacuum is always ready to use.

    Annoying Power Cord

    Other than the fact the unit can’t stand by itself, the next most common complaint is the length of the power cord.

    At around 30 ft long, the cord allows you to move around a lot before the need to relocate to another power source. It’s also brilliant when you are cleaning your car or a boat on a trailer and are a reasonable distance from the nearest power source.

    This was more of a problem with the earlier models where the dust cup couldn’t be removed from the handle assembly. In these earlier models, the entire vacuum unit needed to be taken to the bin to be emptied. Shark resolved this issue by increasing the capacity of the dust container, and by allowing it to be removed from the vacuum cleaner to be emptied.

    I suspect a lot of the comments about the cord are from buyers who have a Shark Rocket from the earlier HV300 range (HV301, 302 etc)

    If you really need a cordless vacuum, you can consider the popular Shark Navigator. It doesn’t come with as many accessories and it not as portable. However, it is well proven and an extremely popular alternative (over 9,000 reviews on – with more than 85% of users giving it a 4 or 5-star rating)


    SharkNinja has always used colors to designate the primary models within their range.

    In the case of the Shark Rocket vacuum cleaners, the current primary colors are Lavender and Burgundy, and the discontinued models used Blue and Green as their primary colors.

    • Shark Rocket : Blue and Orange
    • Shark Rocket Deluxe : Green
    • Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro : Lavender
    • Shark Rocket TruePet : Burgundy

    If it were that simple, it would be easy to tell the difference between the various models. In the end, you’ll have to look at the label affixed to the vacuum to really tell the difference.

    In more recent times, customers can order The DeluxePro in Burgundy and the TruePet in Lavender. While these new models have their own model numbers, the functionality is identical, with the only difference is the color of the housings and whether the Mini Motorized Brush is included in the box.

    Current Models

    Model Description Color Notes
    HV321 Deluxe Pro Lavender
    Deluxe Pro Burgundy Burgundy version of HV321
    HV322 TruePet Burgundy
    HV323 TruePet Lavender Lavender version of HV322


    In the past, Shark had made life reasonably complicated by bundling different attachments to create unique product codes. A good example of this was the historical HV300, HV301, HV302 and HV305. Each of these models included the base vacuum cleaner with a different set of attachments or accessories. Thankfully Shark has moved away from this, and the new codes are only related to color and the inclusion of the mini motorized brush head.

    It’s important to check the packaging or product description to be sure of which accessories are included in the box and which ones you may need to purchase separately.

    Hard Floor Genie™

    This accessory comes with a washable microfiber pad.

    It cleans bare floor surfaces by picking up dry debris, such as dirt, crumbs, cereal and fine particles such as dust. The microfiber pad can be washed in warm water with liquid detergent.

    The following video from Shark shows the Hard Floor Genie™ in use:

    Under appliance wand

    This adjustable 36-inch tool can reach and clean under and behind hard to move appliances and furniture, or any tight area.

    The extension can be removed and flipped over to clean the underside of appliances as well.

    The following video from Shark shows the appliance wand in use:

    Home and car detail kit

    This assortment of micro tools is designed to clean keyboards, car interiors and around delicate objects – to get into those really tight spaces.

    Note : The car detail kit is not normally included in the box

    Multi-angle dusting brush

    This is a five position soft dusting brush.

    It’s great for cleaning blinds, walls, bookshelves, ceiling lights and fans, and tops of furniture. Stiffer back and front bristles allow for more aggressive cleaning of stubborn dust.

    18 inch flexible crevice tool

    This is a crevice tool with a flexible tip that extends to access corners, base boards, tight spaces or ceilings.

    Dusting Genie

    This is a combination crevice tool and dusting brush that can be used to clean a multitude of surfaces and picking up debris between narrow spaces or along edges.

    Mini motorized brush

    Other than the obvious color differences, the main difference between the DeluxePro and the TruePet version of the vacuum cleaner is that the TruePet version (HV 322 and HV 323) is supplied with a Mini Motorized Brush in the box (Part number HVMMB320)

    Shark Mini Motorized Brush for Pet Hair, Stairs, Upholstery and Carpet Debris for Use with Shark Rocket HV320 Series Vacuums (HVMMB320)
    • Power of full-size upright in the palm of your hand
    • Powerful suction for picking up pet hair and carpet debris
    • Easy to use on stairs and upholstery
    • Compatible with the following models: HV320, HV320W, HV321, HV322, HV323, HV325, UV422, UV450.

    This innovative head has an internal brush that rotates while you are using the machine.

    The motorized head also generates a massive amount of suction and is useful for stairs, upholstery and any application where a large vacuum head is not convenient or pet hairs are present. In fact, many users report the suction is so strong that they sometimes find it necessary to partially open the bypass switch on the tool head to allow air to enter from above, and to reduce the overall suction of the unit.

    The following video from Shark shows the mini motorized brush in action:

    Converting a HV321 or HV320 into a HV322

    Major Tip: Because the Mini Motorized Brush can also fit on the HV320, HV320W and HV321 you can easily convert your standard Rocket DeluxePro into a Shark True Pet HV322 or HV323 model without purchasing a new machine

    Take care when ordering the mini motorized brush as there are at least 10 variation of the tool. Make sure you order the part that matches your vacuum cleaner model.

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does the Shark Rocket weigh?

    The HV321, HV322, and HV323 all weigh 8.6 lbs. They can be easily lifted with a single hand.

    What is the newest Shark Rocket model?

    The latest Shark Rocket models are the HV321 Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro and the HV322/HV323 Shark Rocket TruePet Models.

    Are Shark Rocket filters washable?

    The filters can be washed with warm soapy water. It is really important that the filters are not reinstalled until they are completely dry. If you reinstall them while they are still damp, the filters will grow mildew and mold. For this reason, we like to always keep a spare set of filters in the laundry cupboard.

    Can the Shark Rocket be used on hardwood floors?

    The Shark Rocket excels on hardwood floors.

    The handle has a two-speed switch and the lowest speed is ideal for this type of surface. The brush rotation speed is slow enough that it won’t damage the wood – yet fast enough to pick up dust and debris.

    The Hard Floor Genie™ included with every Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro, is specifically designed for hardwood floors. It sucks debris from the front and uses a washable microfiber pad at the rear to pickup any remaining dust etc.

    Is the Shark Rocket cordless?

    No, the Shark Rocket is not cordless. If you really need a cordless vac, have a look at the popular Shark Navigator instead.

    Is the Shark Rocket HEPA rated?

    The filters are not HEPA rated and the manufacturer recommends that the top filter is washed monthly, and the bottom filter is washed or replaced annually.

    Other Models

    QVC TV Exclusive Models

    Shark manufacturer specific models for the QVC TV channel. Some of the model numbers are shown below.

    Model Description Color Notes
    HV324Q DeluxePro Lavender Exclusive QVC TV model of HV321
    HV322Q TruePet Burgundy/Cherry Exclusive QVC TV model of HV322

    Older Superseded models

    If you come across older models, the colors and model numbers will help you identify them. Keep in mind that the current Shark Deluxe Pro models have larger dust cups, longer power cords, on-board tool clips, more power and efficiency.

    NB : There are probably other models that we haven’t listed below.

    Model Description Color Notes
    HV300 Regular Blue Not a DeluxePro. 27ft Cord
    HV300W Regular Orange Orange version of HV300
    HV301 Regular Orange 30ft Cord. Added Dust-Away + 1 pad, Accessory Bag to HV300
    HV302 Regular Orange 30ft Cord. Added Dust-Away + 1 pad, Accessory Bag, Car Detail Kit and zipper pouch to HV300
    HV305 Regular Orange 30ft Cord. Added Dust-Away + 1 pad, Accessory Bag, Car Detail Kit and zipper pouch, Upholstery Tool to HV300
    HV302Q Regular Orange Same as HV302 – but only sold on QVC TV channel.
    HV310 Deluxe Green When compared to the HV300, the HV310 added LED headlights in the cleaner nozzle and hand vacuum areas.It also included a larger dust cup than the HV300 series.
    HV320 DeluxePro Green Old version of HV322, 2x cup capacity of HV310 range and an added onboard tool clip

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